[bcbirdclub] THANKSGIVING

    It is basically impossible for us to be able to tell each of you how much 
you mean to us and the effect  you have had on our lives. On this Thanksgiving 
day first we give thanks to God for our lives and all that he has given us. 
"Count your Blessings Name them One by One!!!!" In doing this, each of you have 
touched our lives and we pray that  your special day is very special. Yeah we 
have food and we plan to eat!! This is a reflection of how we have gardened and 
canned the food or have the means to purchase our goods and of our bonty. We do 
have family that we love and even though some are missing we revel in the 
belief that they are in a place of unfathomable Heaven. Not intending to preach 
or go on....just want you to know how truly thankful we are for each and 
everyone of you. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Love, David and Susan
PS: Gobble till you Wobble! 

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