[argyllcms] Re: Wanted: Spyder 3 and ColorMunki Beta Testers

Rick Richardson wrote:
> It is RGB from the postscript CRD:
> $ foo2zjs-icc2ps -o samclp300-0.icm | grep "[34] {}"
> ]  3 {} bind dup dup ]
> $ foo2zjs-icc2ps -o samclp315-argyll-0.icm | grep "[34] {}"
> ]  4 {} bind dup dup dup ]
> $ foo2zjs-icc2ps -o testing.icm | grep "[34] {}"
> ]  3 {} bind dup dup ]
> $
> CMYK profiles have "4 {} bind".
> "testing.icm" is the one from the Xrite ColorMunki sw.

Btw (somewhat OT), yes, Ghostscript obviously also accepts RGB CRDs in
conjunction with a CMYK ProcessColorModel. CIE-based colors are then
converted to RGB, using the CSAs and CRDs, and these RGB numbers are
finally converted to CMYK using the PostScript rules for converting
DeviceRGB to DeviceCMYK, which may be suboptimal. If you use a RGB CRD
in conjunction with a CMYK ProcessColorMode, then in order to get
deterministic results I also suggest that you explicitly install your
own dedicated functions with setblackgeneration and setundercolorremoval
in your PS prolog (for instance "{} setblackgeneration {}
setundercolorremoval"), since I had noticed that the default for these
functions was different in different gs versions, but they are used by
the implied DeviceRGB to DeviceCMYK conversion.


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