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anyone ever see lassie?


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> On Thursday, May 22, 2003, at 02:32  PM, Dennis D. Kirkpatrick wrote:
> > Tina first felt her breathing. It was steady and calming, but then she
> > suddenly remembered the fight. She remembered Carlie and Rohgen,...
> > Sanjay. She groaned and slowly open her eyes. She could barely see, her
> > pupils still shaking off the effects of the drug, but there was a faint
> > glow that illuminated the windowless room. It was cool and damp with a
> > slight stench floating in the air.
> >
> > She heard a stiring nearby, then a groan. It sounded like Rohgen a 
> > short
> > distance away.
> >
> > [...]
> >
> > GM: OK, you guys are slowly waking up. Carlie is still out cold, but 
> > you
> > might be able to wake her if you wanted. Just roleplay a gradual 
> > recovery
> > to consciousness. Tina is bruised up from the fight, but nothing bad
> > enough to limit her much. You aren't chained up or anything, but the 
> > room
> > is locked, old brick/mortar floor and walls with a heavy steel door. 
> > There
> > is a large drain gate against the wall opposite the door. There is a
> > glowing, glow stick thrown down near the door. OK? OK. Questions 
> > welcome.]
> [ A glowing glow stick?  That's just crazy enough that it might work! ]
> "Your lizard seems to have escaped confinement," Tina said, flatly.  
> "With any luck, it is no doubt mounting a rescue operation to free us 
> from our prison."
> She got up and kicked Carlie's foot, not really testing to see if she 
> was awake, but making sure she wasn't dead.
> The effects of the drug were strong, enough to make each step a little 
> unsure, as if she were trying to walk across ice during an earthquake, 
> but it wasn't the first time Tina had been drugged.  A lot of strange 
> things happened during the war.  This wasn't new enough to surprise her.
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This message brought to you by the HG-PBEM "OVERDRIVE" mailing list.

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