[HG-PBEM] Re: At the Trash....

> >>> The guard looked a bit taken aback at the GREL's exited the vehicle,
> >>> but
> >>> soon regained his composure. Looking at her he held out his hand.
> >>> "Ident
> >>> tags, please. That goes for everyone," he explained, looking into the
> >>> truck.
> >>
> >> "One moment, please," Tina replied, turning from the guard and moving
> >> back towards the truck.  "I will retrieve them for you."
> >
> > The guard nodded to Tina, saying, "Appreciate it." He looked into the 
> > the
> > truck at Rohgen, then back at Karl and Carlie. "You asleep or don't you
> > have ident tags?"
> "Rohgen, I will need everyone's identification," Tina announced as she 
> drew closer to the parked truck.

Roghen handed over his tags over to Tina.

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