[Ampex] To practice your English

Nearly all the noteworthy leaders throughout history have been big readers.  
Reading is the shortcut to successful thinking, the route to accurrate 
perspective, and the doorway to knowledge.  Reading can be fun and 
entertaining, enlightening and inspiring, and should always lead to a better 
understanding of our lives and the world we live in.  
It is tragic that in our entertainment society we are losing our literary bent. 
 From what I can tell, although every airport has a book store, and although 
Barnes and Noble and Amazon seem to be doing fine on-line, there is a decline 
in the habit of reading.  With video games, movies, television, Internet, 
sports, traffic, hobbies, organizations, kid's sports and activities, longer 
working hours, and that endless list of errands that need to be run, we seem to 
have very little time for simply reading.  I suggest, however, that it is 
important for us to make time to read.  As busy as people get, it seems that 
they always find a way to do the things they want to do.  Reading should be a 
priority that is worthy of a spot in our busy schedule.  
Think about how much of our daily living is just thrashing against the current. 
 It doesn't carry us forward toward our goals and dreams, nor does it even hit 
on our priorities.  In fact, a major percentage of our lives is spent and not 
invested.  But reading is an investment.  It is important.  It should be a 
priority in itself.  It jump-starts our brain and reminds us that we were 
created for more than just the daily grind.
Have you read the classics?  Do you have at least a working knowledge of some 
of the writings from the greatest minds of history?  Do you read from several 
different genre?  Have you had a book that has touched you deeply or awakened 
you to something grand? 
Let me suggest that you make it a priority to increase the quantity and quality 
of reading in your life.  Make it part of your daily schedule; something that 
becomes habitual.  The more you do it, the more you'll like it, until you find 
yourself yearning for the next break in your schedule where you can enthrall 
your mind once more.  There is a whole world in the pages of great books.  Go 
discover it for yourself!I said... 
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