[access-uk] Re: opinions wanted

I’m sorry to labour the point. There are instructions. I know as I have 
downloaded them.


From: Hazel & Kim Darvell 
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 3:03 PM
To: access u k 
Subject: [access-uk] opinions wanted 

I have just been onto the jot a dot page and yes as I found before there is a 
word file telling there is instructions but they are not there.
Yes there is a paragraph telling you about alternate formats,
Yes there is paragraphs telling you the size of the item,
and the contents , but there are no instructions.
As I am not one of those people constantly sat at a computer I wanted audio 
I hope I have made myself clear on this.
Everyone should have the right to whatever format they want, after all how much 
does putting this onto c d cost R N I B.

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