[access-uk] leaving bt


I went to TalkTalk last April as a part of their Talk 3 international
package with free broadband.  It went quite smoothly, I cancellled my
contract with BT and TalkTalk did the rest.  My line was switched in May but
It took until October for broadband to be activated and I only had a 2 meg
connection, but I bought my new windows xp computer soon after that ready
for Christmas and am still learning.  About two months ago I had a letter
from them telling me that I would be transferring over to the their 8 meg
service and would lose my phone for an hour or so on the day but things
would settle down after that.  True to their word, that happened and I am no
longer within the BT exchange network.  If I dial 150 for example, it gets
me straight through to TalkTalk customer services.  I haven't had hardly any
problems since I've switched, except for one day about a month ago, when it
seemed much of their network suffered for about four hours and I couldn't
get online, but other than that, everything is fine.  I get inclusive calls
for 70 minutes to UK landlines and 30 other countries, including the
European Union, the states and Canada and Australia and New Zealand.  It
works out to be a good package for me phonewise because one of my nieces now
lives in Perth, Western Australia, and I have a sister who has a staying
visa and presently lives in Brisbane and won't be back in the UK until next
year probably.  I speak to three other people regularly in the US, and it
costs £11 a month to rent the line and £9.99 for the Talk 3 international
with free broadband with a monthly allowance of 40 gigs.  It does me fine
for what I want at the moment.  I've never paid any more than £3 per month
for phone charges and I've noticed one heck of a difference in 12 months
between what I pay now per month as opposed to when I was with BT.

skype name: grytpype2006
windows live messenger name: alex.thynne
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