[access-uk] Re: disabling java in IE?

Kevin - internet explorer, tools, options, security tab, custom level
button, opens up a settings tree view, with all top level items closed
the 2nd from the bottom is scripting, right arrow to open, the top item
is active scripting which is what your after, it has 3 settings, on,
off, or prompt.  I think with the quantity of pages that use javascript
you'd find prompt very annoying to try switching to off but remember
where the setting is as you'll most likely want it back on for many
sites which are dependant on it and will simply fail to load if they
detect you have js disabled.

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hi all, if i go to:
using IE6, a lot of the links don't show up in jfw7 as links. i emailed
the people who run the site and i got the following response:
Hi Kevin
To fix this you will need to disable the javascript on your web-browser.
If you are using Firefox you will need to go to - Tools -> Options ->
Content ( and then untick the javascipt box)
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused
I hope this helps.

although i don't use firefox much, i do have it, so i followed the
instructions and it worked fine. but how do i do the same in internet
kevin - (lord l)
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