[access-uk] Re: Which Office and Vista with JAWS?

Humm, excuse me...does this mean I ought to be able to get my jaws 8 running 
with my Vista? It just keeps crashing the computer, so I've had to stick to my 
old laptop!  Christine #w 
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  I would second Brian's opinion that as far as the Windows VISTA interface is 
concerned JAWS works perfectly well out of the box in the control panels and 
associated tools.  I would also however like to add that you can use Office 
2003 quite safely with Windows VISTA as an alternative.

  I realise that the ribbon may be a bold step in interface design and that 
eventually we'll all have to get to grips with it, but I know that since this 
is much more a productivity tool than Windows itself you may want to go with 
the familiar if you are not some major power user or at least have the choice.  
I also have come accross the odd sighted person who has difficulties with the 
ribbon although they are probably in the minority perhaps.


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