[access-uk] Which Office and Vista with JAWS?

Hi guys, 
Just a few questions here, I'm getting a laptop and have JAWS 8 for uni, so 
bear in mind that, when giving me advice about the office suite, I'll need to 
use it for, not just writing assignments, but formatting the documents, 
inserting tables, maybe even a little spreadsheet work, but mainly the word 
First, the laptop comes with Windows Vista Home Basic, how usable is this with 
JAWS, I read somewhere that JAWS has many problems with Vista, is this true? 
Second, where can I find something, which I can read/listen to, which will 
explain to me how Vista will be different to XP, which I am using now, and how 
to use Vista effectively? 
Third, since the laptop will cost quite a bit, I'm not sure if I can buy Office 
right away, I'm thinking of using Openoffice or something in the meantime, will 
that work with JFW? (can't test it myself, as this computer isn't mine)
Fourth, the only Office on sale now is Office 2007, where can I read something 
on how to use Word 2007 with JAWS, and, overall, how good does Word 2007 
perform with JFW, or should I try and find a copy of Office 2003 from somewhere 
else instead? 

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