This web based screen reader has great possibilities, and once the beta phase 
is over and it's stable, then i'm sure my son will look at it again.

It doesn't affect me in any way as I am still able to use my pen drive with 
Window Eyes on it to access some of the computers, plus he also has the open 
source screen reader N V D A on a pen drive available for any customers who may 
need speech.

Cheers Tom.

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  Hi Tom.

  I would certainly agree with this.  Of course, you would need to go to the 
web and download an executable each time you restart the PC.

  So, it's great for individuals to use at home or in the work environment, 
particularly if they need to work on a number of machines, e.g. providing 
technical support.  If Seratec, forgive possible misspelling, market this as 
for use in public libraries, internet cafes and the like, they will I believe 
be seriously misleading people.


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    My son runs his own internet cafe but he won't allow the use of this screen 
reader as it downloads an .exe file onto the computer.
    I doubt any internet cafe owner will take the risk as it could open their 
entire computer network to a virus attack.

    Cheers Tom.

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      Anyone tried to use this web- based screen reader in an internet café 

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