[access-uk] Re: Please Help.

Hi Mandy,


Hit Windows Key +F to get to find.  Select All Files And Folders.  Tab to
the first edit box, and type in the name of your file.  If you can't
remember the name, tab to the next edit box "a word or phrase in the file"
or something like that, and type in something unique to that file.  Chech
that Hard Drive C is included in the search, and tab to the Search button.
In a few seconds your file should be listed.  You should be able to open it,
copy it, cut it, paste it, do whatever you want from there.


All the best





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Last night Brian and I spent a couple of hours compiling a document and this
needed to be emailed as an attachment. 

However when I went to attach it to the email I realised it wasn't saved in
"My Documents" and I remember this happening once before and I think George
told me where to look and how to retrieve it.

We really don't want to have to rewrite it.




Off for a tandem ride now.



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