[access-uk] Keyboard woes

Hi all,

I use a Maltron single handed keyboard because I can only use my right hand. I've been using this for 9 years and am very satisfied with it and can type as fast as I ever did with two hands. So I don't really want to use/learn another way of inputting but am now having a problem.

I think this keyboard has a loose connection inside the wire somewhere. I press keys and nothing happens; I move the wire then something does happen. The laptop's own keyboard works fine so it's not a problem with slow response from the computer. I've had this problem before with one of these keyboards and a friend fixed it for me. However after the repair it didn't last long and I don't have anyone around who could do that now. I've only had this particular keyboard for just over a year and am having this problem again.

I do travel with my keyboard a lot, and disconnect/disconnect it daily to move my laptop between different rooms. I think keyboards and/or ps2 connections are not really designed for frequent moving/disconnecting/connecting so this is probably why I always get these problems. But I need to be able to work in different rooms and at different computers so there's no way around this moving business.

But these keyboards cost £300 and I can't afford/don't want to invest in another one if it's only going to last a year. For several reasons, including the fact that I don't have enough work to be eligible for Access To Work, it's not possible to have a keyboard at every computer I ever use.

I've e-mailed Maltron to see if there's a wireless version of the keyboard but last I knew there wasn't and I haven't found anything on their website about wireless.

So...has anyone got any suggestions as to how I could safely transport my keyboard? I do think the problem is in the wire rather than at the PS2 end because it's the wire I have to fiddle with to get it to work, and it seems to be failing fast.

Or - which I guess is more realistic - I suppose I'm going to have to consider another way of inputting. 9 years ago I used to use an ergobraille notetaker - don't know whether anyone knew of these; but the braille keyboard on them was arranged in such a way that I found it easy/fast to use with one hand. If anyone was aware of these - is there such a thing as something similarly shaped which one could use as input wirelessly? I expect not...

What voice recognition options are there for JAWS users?

Any ideas welcome...

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