[access-uk] Re: Instructions for telephone needed/?


May I add two additional points which may be useful to Christine.  

1. Some PDFs contain text which is only a scanned image of a print 
document.  Adobe Reader plus a screen reader is no use in such cases - 
you need an OCR package.

2. There are programs (some free, some quite expensive) which will 
convert PDF files into other formats if preferred.
Amongst the free ones is PDf2TXT
from http://www.empowermentzone.com/p2tsetup.exe
which often does quite a good job of extracting the text from a PDf although 
the structure and formatting is not well preserved.


On 23 Jul 2007 at 9:04, George Bell wrote:  

> Hi Christine,
> PDF stands for "Portable Document Format", and while in the
> past, screen readers had difficulty reading this type of
> document, matters have considerably improved of late.  It
> requires you to have a program called "Adobe Reader"
> installed, but that's quite safe and generally accessible,
> allowing you to save as plain text.
> The only downside is that authors can lock down this type of
> file, thus preventing doing some things, but that is
> becoming less and less common.
> George.
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> Oh, Thanks George, I'm so Happy you copied and pasted the
> info for me, cause
> I don't have a clue what a PDF is!  All I know )I think) it
> stands for
> "Personal Data File" Whatever that is and I wouldn't have a
> Clue how to read
> one with jaws.  Thanks for the help.  Christine W.


Douglas Harrison

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