[access-uk] Hello Carol If you would like to contact us on the email below we can talk business.darvell1181@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will respond again tomorrowTake care HazelaRe: Re: personal c d player

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  We have one which we haven't used much at all but can't remember whether its 
batteries ever got taken out;  which could mean it's no good now.

  If you'd like, I can take a look before you buy one, unless you really want 

  We'd only want a few pounds, maybe a tenner, for this one if it's still in 
good condition.

  Write me if you're interested.

  Carol P
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  Subject: [access-uk] personal c d player

  > Thanks to those who responded to our request about
  > looking for personal c d players. 
  > Will look again on both Play .com and Amazon as in the
  > past we have had poor items from Argos, by that I mean
  > they have been used by others and returned by both them
  > and ourselves.   
  > Take care
  > Hazel & KimI think we have no choice but to buy ones
  > which have radio's on board. 

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