[access-uk] BrailleNote Questions

Hi all,
First of all, sorry for any duplicate messages you may receive, but I
had to cross post because I need as much help as I can in getting
started with the BrailleNote and how it will work for my studies, as
well as general computing. The BrailleNote I'll be asking about is the
MPower BT 32, which I'll be receiving shortly.
First of all, and a basic question, has anyone used JAWS, with or
without speech, with it? If so, how well does it work, and are there any
issues I need to be aware of? I'll be using JAWS 8.0.423 demo. The
reason why I'm asking is that due to my hearing I wish to use the
BrailleNote as a Braille display and, if possible, no speech. The
connection will be established via bluetooth due to my physical
Second, how well will I be able to programme, using the express editions
of Visual Studio 2005, with Braille only? I'm aware that with Braille
there's the possibility of identifying the layout of the code that I'll
be writing. For example, with Braille I'll be able to identify if any
indentations are present.
Third, how well will JAWS and BrailleNote work with the following
Mozilla Firefox; Internet Explorer 7; Microsoft Office 2003 Standard;
Visual Studio Express Editions 2005; Skype; Windows Live Messenger; Ad
Aware with scripts; Spybot with scripts; AVG 7.5 free; Adobe Reader 7 or
8; Mirc with Tirc plug-in; Winamp; Windows Media Player; RealPlayer; and
AOL software?
Fourth, how well does JAWS and BrailleNote work with the JAWS utilities,
particularly script manager?
Finally, for now at least, can anyone give me step by step instructions
on how to set up JAWS to use the BrailleNote as a refreshable Braille
display via bluetooth please? I have the Belkin Bluetooth USB adaptor
which uses Windows XP's generic bluetooth software. Also, are there any
issues to be aware of, apart from the obvious bluetooth issues, when
using this combination?
Thanks in advance for any help I receive. It will be greatly
Regards, Chris
Christopher Hallsworth
E-mail: chrishallsworth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Skype name chrishallsworth7266
MSN: ch9675@xxxxxxxxxxx

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