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So how do you  access the information when you want to find, say an address?

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  Hi Mandy,


  Tadi is fine, but it has no voice recoginition.


  All the best





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  My Voice Mate has perished and is irrepairable so am looking for something 

  Anybody tell me in easy to understand words whether this is any good as the 
Tapmemo only holds 60 contacts which is too few.


  TADI Talking Organiser 
  TADI Talking Organiser


  The TADI Talking Organiser comes with a Calculator, Clock, Notepad, Diary, 
Phone Dialer, Address Book, Reminders, Talking Tutorials and more than 900 


  list of 9 items


  . Storage Capacity = 5 hours digital recording. 
  . Alphanumeric qwerty keypad with raised guided points for sight free data 
  . Voice feedback for every action, easy to program and easy to use. 
  . One touch for direct access to name, phone number, message record, 
playback, searching, recording, listening, copy, paste and speech and its 
pocket size.


  . Down/up loading of language, data and software with password options for 
  . Adjustable volume and contrast with earphone jack for private listening. 
  . Alert for low battery. Uses 3 inch AAAinch batteries or with included power 
  . Unit measurement approximately 15x9x13mm (5 ¾ x 3 ½ x1/2"). 



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