Science in general, all disciplines

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TN-bird is a birding communications network covering the entire state of Tennessee where you can: * report and receive rare bird sighting information * share timely information about bird outings and chapter field trips * interact with members of the Tennessee Ornithological Society, and other bird-related organizations.

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BIRDKY is a birding communications network covering the entire state of Kentucky where you can: * report and receive rare bird sighting information * share timely information about bird outings and chapter field trips * interact with members of the Kentucky Ornithological Society, and other bird-related organizations.

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Oregon Birders Online

OBOL is a listserv dedicated to birding in Oregon, including, but not limited to, rare bird alerts, unusual bird behavior, inquiries for species locations, and upcoming birding events in Oregon.

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Bristol Birds

Bristol-Birds is a birding communications network covering Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia where you can: * report and receive bird sighting, daily field trip list reports or birds at your feeders. * This list will help facilitate the studies of birds in the region as part of the scientific organizations of the Tennessee Ornithological Society and the Virginia Society of Ornithology This list is owned by Wallace Coffey

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VA-RICHMOND-GENERAL exists to share timely communications about environmental and educational issues of interest to Audubon members and leaders in the Richmond, VA area. Share hot birding sites and sights, local birding trips, excursions around the state of Virginia and beyond, timely information on Viriginia environmental issues, and links to many other Audubon or related resources.

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SAC-Forum is a mailing list for general discussions among the Saguaro Astronomy Club's membership. Discussion topics are fairly open, allowing wider topics such as computers, telescopes, vehicle mods and more; but topics should at least be indirectly related to SAC or astronomy.

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Wisconsin Birding Network

WISBIRDN is an open discussion list principally focused on Wisconsin birds and birding. Topics may include the timely reporting of rare bird sightings, trip reports, RFI’s, activities of the Wisconsin Society of Ornithology, and other birding-related organizations and research. In order to participate you must be subscribed.

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Telescoperos Ricardo González

Este grupo esta dedicado a la construcción de Telescopios, espejos y dispositivos necesarios al uso de un telescopio. Está tambien dedicada a la difusión de la Astronomía a todo público, muy especialmente a los niños, a través de las observaciones astronómicas y de exposiciones científicas. Está interesada además en la astrotografía realizada en todo el ancho de banda electromagnético y al estudio de las ciencias relacionadas. This group is dedicated to the construction of telescopes, mirrors and gadgets necessary to the use of a Telescope. It is also dedicated to the difusion of astronomy to all public, most specially to children, through astronomical observations and science exhibits. Interested also in astrophotography in all the electromagnetic bandwidth and to the study of related sciences.

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SAC Board Discussion List

This mailing list is for the discussion of the operation of the Saguaro Astronomy Club. It is mainly for elected board members, but club members are invited to participate.

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Try Astronomy Milwaukee

Try Astronomy is the listserv for urban astronomers in Milwaukee. We are not a formal astronomy club but rather a group of individuals who share a common interest in the hobby of amateur astronomy, particularly in an urban setting. We openly share our telescopes and knowledge with the public giving those with no astronomy experience or equipment an opportunity to view the planets and stars in a casual environment, and optionally pursue an interest in astronomy through non-technical presentations on equipment and techniques for locating and viewing celestial objects. The listserv is our primary means of communication for notifications of upcoming viewing and knowledge-sharing sessions. Everyone is free to join the listserv to receive this notifications and ask questions.

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Buchanan County Bird Club

An email network established by Buchanan County Bird Club for the reporting and collection of bird data by it's members. This data will also be reported to the Virginia Society of Ornithology. In addition information about Buchanan County Bird Club meetings, and planned outings as well as general form of communication for the Club's members and all other parties interested in Birds and Birding.

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Phoenix Astronomy Society Members list

A discussion list for members of the Phoenix Astronomy Society. Non-members may subscribe to the phoenixastro general list.

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SAMPE Seattle Chapter Newsletter

Society for the Advancement of Material Processing and Engineering Newsletter for the Seattle Chapter.

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The meaning of this list is to help us comunicate and share diffrent ideas about out subject like GIS, pollution dispersion modelinging), cleaner production methods an environmntal economics

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TCC Rocket Chat

Chat group for Tripoli Central California Rocket Club.

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TEXBIRDS is the Texas e-mail list for posting ornithological observations in Texas. Amateur Ornithologists (birders and birdwatchers) and professional ornithologists alike are welcome.

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A method for the Manager of GRCO and the operations staff to communicate regarding schedules and activity at GRCO

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Spokane Astronomical Society BOD

Board of Directors for the Spokane Astronomical Society

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New England Association of Chemistry Teachers

This list exists for members of NEACT to communicate easily and quickly with one another relative to chemistry and chemical education.

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Physics with HOmemade Equipment and Innovative Experiments, PHOENIX, users interaction

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Vision Egg

Mailing list for the Vision Egg, a stimulus generation library for vision research.

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Elisha Mitchell Audubon Society

The purpose of this list is to allow members and the general public to share bird/wildlife sightings and discuss upcoming bird-related events in western North Carolina.

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Radio Astronomy List

A technical discussion group about Planetary System Radio Astronomy

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all current and former stipend holders of the Christiane Nuesslein-Volhard Stipend for working scientist mothers. Mrs Nuesslein Volhard is a Nobelprizewinner in Medicine and has devoted her money to further the career or female scientsits. She therefore gives stipends to female PhD students and young acadademics with children to help with costs for additional child care etc. We, the group of the former stipendholders, want to stay in touch and exchage information on supprt for female scientsits, grants for re-entering the job markets, articles about our situation and thereby building up a network of academic working moms.

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Overture is a C++ object-oriented code framework for solving partial differential equations in complex geometry using composite grids.

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Cincinnati Astronomical Society Announcement List

Announcement list for the Cincinnati Astronomcial Society. Upcoming activities, help needed, and items of mutual intrest.

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Phoenix AZ Weather Watching / Monitoring

The Phoenix Astronomical Society needs a list of Weather Watchers who monitor the weather for our events.

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Tennessee Butterflies

A community of butterfly enthusiasts, novice and expert alike. A place to share sightings, photography, questions, stories, etc. Open forum for anyone, not limited to TN residents.

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MIRA - Talk, tricks, bug reports, etc.

General talk about sequence assembly with the MIRA assembler.

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MISSBIRD is a birding communications network covering the state of Mississippi for the purpose of reporting and receiving bird sighting information, sharing information about bird outings and field trips, and interacting with other birders on bird-related topics.

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Persberichten van Nederlandse universiteiten en andere kennisinstellingen.

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G7IZU Radio Reflection Detection Blog

This is an email version of the G7IZU RRD Blog ( It contains information related to the G7IZU Radio Reflection Detection page ( The detection of meteors, aurora and other phenomena through the use of signals reflected from ionization in the upper atmosphere. This list relays blog items almost as soon as they appear on the blog.

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the OrchidGuide Digest (OGD)

The OrchidGuide Digest (OGD) has been created to serve as a way of discussing and sharing information and experiences with orchid growers worldwide. Discussion topics include, but are not limited to: cultivation methods, orchid species and hybrids, orchid travels, orchid Society events, orchid conservation and propagation techniques and any other orchid related subjects of interest to orchid growers.

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IAAS Monthly Astronomy Newsletter

This newsletter is provided as a service by "The International Association for Astronomical Studies" which is located in Denver, Colorado. The astronomical data presented is not only useful in Colorado but in other parts of the world as well.

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Migraciones latinoamericanas

Lista correspondiente a la red de investigaciones en movilidad humana latinoamericana, con el objeto de facilitar la comunicacion entre sus integrantes. Esta abierta a personas e instituciones de cualquier nacionalidad con intereses academicos, no comerciales, en las migraciones latinoamericanas y temas asociados.

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LEAS natural history forum

A list service to provide a forum for reporting and discussing natural history observations in the region served by the Llano Estacado Audubon Society.

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Northern Neck Audubon hotline

For reporting and discussing bird sightings in the Northern Neck of Virginia and surrounding areas

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Peace from Harmony (Global Harmony Association)

Research of peace from harmony as a purpose of Global Harmony Association (GHA). Communication with organizations of international peace initiative with the objective of educating everyone in scientific principles of harmonious education.

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Heart of Virginia Birding

A listserv devoted to birding in Prince Edward County and all adjacent counties. Similar to other regional birding lists, we are mainly interested in timely reports of wild birds, the rarer the better. No discussions of pet or domestic birds except as they impact birding in the area.

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Cincinnati Astronomical Society Messenger

The Cincinnati Astronomical Society’s Monthly Newsletter ‘The Sidereal Messenger’ Articles are written by members of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society: observations, equipment reviews, tips and techniques. Reports of upcoming and recent events, and astronomical news.

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Young Ecologists Talk and Interact

Young Ecologists Talk and Interact (YETI) is a first-of-its-kind conference for students and researchers working in the discipline of ecology in India. YETI is unique in being organized entirely by student volunteers from Bangalore and Mysore. We invite students from other parts of the country to volunteer to help organize YETI in the future. This event is meant to serve as a friendly and inspiring platform for ecologists, early in their career, to present and discuss their work, exchange ideas, and even strike up collaborations with contemporaries across the country. Other than the conference itself, students can use the website as a medium to explore and discuss projects, or provide/obtain information on Ecological Resources such as free software, journals and sources of funding. Students can register on the website ( in order to receive information on upcoming YETI and other ecology-related events through the YETI mailing list.

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Oregon eBird

Oregon eBird editors and reviewers

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Società italiana di Scienze Bibliografiche e Biblioteconomiche (SISBB). The purpose of SISBB (Italian Society of Bibliography and Library Science) is to foster and promote debate and circulation of ideas and information concerning the studies of literature, library science, information science, history of books and libraries in their various aspects, and also to enrich the potential of these disciplines in the world of scientific research.

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Astrolist. Dansk mailingliste for astronomiinreresserede

A list for the members of Amateur- and professional Astronomers in Denmark to discuss various topics about observing equipment, news and events in the world of astronomy.

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List for sharing articles, events, and activities related to neonatal pain research.

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Arizona Astro-Imaging User List

A list for sharing images and discussing Astrophotography, including equipment, software, processes, locations and more. Don't let the Arizona name fool you - everyone is welcome!

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Primes chat

mail list on primes, which focus on the newest science, technology, art and culture related to several fields of chemistry, in Chinese and English.

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Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists National List

CSEB is a national non-profit organization. Its primary objectives are to further the conservation of Canadian natural resources, to ensure the prudent management of these resources so as to minimize environmental effects and to maintain high professional standards in education, research and management related to natural resources and the environment.

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Umpqua Birds: Birds and Birding in Douglas County, Oregon

This group shares information on birds in the Umpqua River Basin and/or Douglas County, Oregon. We report birds observed, share good places to go birding, ask questions about identification and habitat, share photos, etc. If you are interested in birds, want to report birds you have seen, or have questions about birds you see, come join us in learning more about birds in our area.

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Tacoma Astronomical Society

This is mail list of the Tacoma Astronomical Society. This list is a great resource for club information and activities, new members to find help, and all of us to share astronomy related information. Need help with astrophotography? Want to set up a trip to the mountains to do some dark sky observing? Want to find out about a new piece of equipment? Well, this is the list! Anything and everything about astronomy in the Pacific Northwest that TAS club members would be interested in will be discussed here.

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