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Site of the Day

Site of the Day, an announcement list, offers its subscribers an informative or entertaining website five days a week, Monday through Friday. From the amazing array of billions of pages on the web, we suffer from too much choice, rather than too little. The goal of Site of the Day is to do some winnowing on behalf of its members and present the wheat rather than the chaff.

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Haiku System Administration

Everything relating to the administration of systems run by Haiku, Inc. can be discussed here.

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Dan Overmeyer

Daily update message for our website followers. Our website,, displays vacancies for a number of cities around the world.

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We wish to discuss updates to our site of free downloads of icq, yahoo, hotbar, beatnik, winamp, stationery and wallpaper skins.

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Usuarios hispanos de Greenstone

Lista de usuarios de habla hispana (incluyendo brasileros que quieran unirse) que utilizan el software Greenstone (

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Sanesecurity Announcements

Sanesecurity Announcements

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glFusion CMS Code Commit Announcements

Track the glFusion code updates as they happen. Each update to the glFusion Github respository will be posted to this list.

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glFusion CMS Development Discussions

General discussions on glFusion development, including features, bug fixes, and other updates.

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a list of URL's and discussions pertaining to our monthly technology meetings. this list is primarily for persons who are blind and visually impaired. Of course, family and friends are welcome to subscribe.

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Neat Net Tricks

NEAT NET TRICKS carries with it the slogan "No Screwdriver Needed," meaning its focus is on the fun and easy things one can do with the computer and Internet without being a technical whiz. In its 14 years of continuous publication, Neat Net Tricks has scoured the Web and brought to its readers thousands of tips and features. Neat Net Tricks also provides a helpful Forum (Bulletin Board) to resolve problems related to computers and the Internet, and a Software Review Panel that has provided dozens of detailed reports on popular software programs it has studied in depth. Both the Forum and the Panel reviews can be accessed through the Neat Net Tricks Web site at .

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The Internet is a Big place! How are you going to find all the sites that interest you? With our daily (Mon - Sat) featured web site there will be something for everyone. Our featured web sites are Family Friendly with regular sites specifically for Kids as well. Fun Sites, Interesting and Unique sites and some "Why is there a web site for that?!" sites. Reader site submission are always welcomed.

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This is a list devoted to letting you know about all the little apps that happen to be floating around out there which you never knew you couldn't live without, or where you know what you want it to do and just can't find the right program. Anyone is welcome to contribute a review for software they have found, liked, and wish to share, or you can post a description of what you want a program to do, and we will do our best to find something that does just that to fit your fancy.We cover software for just about any operating system there is for personal computers. This includes Windows(95 98 NT 3.x),DOS,Mac,UNIX, and more!

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Gruppo Webmaster AITI

Gruppo Webmaster AITI

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Distribution list for members of the original GNN betatesters group

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Zolochiv urban portal

All about Zolochiv city information portal. Zolochiv city, Kharkiv oblast Ukraine 62203

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New gTLD's

A mailing list for new gTLD's

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pianotheoryman e-mail list

Updates to will be available through this list.

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Neves-Paula technology news

list to share information about tech development Neves-Paula

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Difunde Firefox

Lista de correo de

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vsunix dot net

vsunix dot net support forum, clients, webmaster, admin feedback, newsletter for vsunix dot net members.

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Ouain Operations

Communication between Ouain hosting services operators

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IPv6 Venezuela Mail List

Lista del grupo de múltiples interesados IPv6 Venezuela

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free mailbox development

Technology development, application and management for free mailbox.

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News regarding the ZNC bouncer at, including but not limited to Scheduled Maintenances from the provider and updates.

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Vertaformcity Internet Services

We wish to discuss the usage of computers and the Internet, from the ordinary or obvious, to the most complicated issues.

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this is a list for the macg admins

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FudanNLP: A Open Source Toolkit for Chinese Natural Language Processing£¬¿ªÔ´ÖÐÎÄ×ÔÈ»ÓïÑÔ´¦Àí¹¤¾ß°ü

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SoftSpire EML to PST Converter Tool

The SoftSpire EML to PST Converter to Convert EML files from Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc to MS Outlook PST format.

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Courier Email

Discussion list for the Courier email client from Rose City Software

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CurrentlyOK Newsletters

CurrentlyOK is an internet-based news service that features News, Politics, Scene, Style, Sports, and Technology. It is completely student-led by those attending University in Oklahoma. The current Oklahoma news industry uses old and antiquated methods, and CurrentlyOK hopes to counterbalance that by using new media and technology online.

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iEdit Team

This is where iEdit will send out site information such as when the site is down or the editors are unstable.

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Live Fruitful with Courtney

Striving to inspiring Healthy Living Around the World, the goal of this mailing list is to give great tips, tricks, ideas, and recipes to achieve a healthier life. It's all about make One Simple Change that will make a difference in your life and the world around you! Invite others and create a world of positive change!

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Game Detectives

Reporting any new ARG's in games/mods.

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Testra Discussion

Discuss various aspect of Testra

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A mailing list that serves as a discussion forum for those interested in all things WHOIS-related, such as details of the protocol itself, mass-lookup tools, building your own lists of available & soon-to-be available domains, and best practices for maintaining privacy without falsifying WHOIS information. It doubles as a list to use as your WHOIS contact emails for those who trust the moderators to forward these messages along only to the appropriate members.

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fckgLite is a WYSIWG editor for Dokuwiki, which uses the FCKeditor as its graphic interface. This list is to enable users to share information and solve problems related to fckgLite. Please subscribe to report bugs and make feature requests. Once subscribed, send posts to

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Sanesecurity Announcements

Sanesecurity Announcements

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Variety Network TeamTalk Users

This is for all users of the TeamTalk server hosted by the Variety Network. For more information about our servers, visit

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This list discuss Proxy Tools & utilities designed mainly to assist those whose Internet access is censored, unreliable, or otherwise damaged. Uncensored access is provided to any outside service required (Usenet News, Web browsing, IRC, Socks etc.). In pursuit of this rather non-specific goal, some interesting network utilities have already been produced (like proxyTools by 'wayne'). This mailing list is of interest to the following groups of people: 1) those who live in Internet censoring countries (or corporations, schools, universities) such as the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria), China, Burma, etc. 2) those who would wish to assist those in the group above. 3) those who administer the firewalls which do the censoring, and those who might be considering this. 4) those who are just curious about the current techniques used by the first group above.

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Torservers Discussion

Discussion around Tor relay operation by organizations within the Torservers network

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Usuarios de Greenstone de Latinoamerica

Esta lista ha sido reemplazada por la lista "greenstone_es".

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Upper Valley Business IT

Anything related to business or corporate IT/IS/MIS in the Upper Valley of NH/VT and beyond!

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TurboIRC Mailing List

This list is for TurboIRC 2000 IRC client ( ) , any topic , plugins,skins,scripts and other stuff , both announcements and questions/answers.

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FreeLists Newsletter

This is a newsletter for all FreeLists list owners. It provides updates and important info on the service.

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drupal for the blind

using drupal with screen readers

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Internet Literacy

Computer Information Systems for Business. Internet literacy discussions for class projects.

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J.Shulman's CISB102_83653 Listserv

This listserv is for the use of students in Judy Shulman's Virtual section of CISB102 at Lansing Community College.

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Prosomawi Media mailing list and discussion board

This mailing list is for users of Prosomawi Media, a service that designs websites for people. Anyone who likes the look of the sites we have done is welcome here. You do not have to have a website that we designed to be subscribed to our list. Anyone who likes Prosomawi Media can subscribe here, and discuss designing websites, the Prosomawi way. Check us out on the web at

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EIUS Newsletter

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Core Interaction

An email list for us to communicate about technical issues.

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