Domestic Technology

Technology around the home, embedded devices, fix-it support, etc.

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Real-Eyes Computer Users Group

This list is designed to facilitate discussion by blind and visually impaired computer users all topics related to technology and its various forms of access. This list will collectively attempt to answer questions from inexperienced computer users as well.

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University Heights Neighborhood Association

The University Heights Neighborhood Association is a non-profit neighborhood organization located next to the University of Cincinnati Ohio. Topics discussed are the technologies in restoring old historic structures. Included is design CAD, electrical wiring, house-to-house network intranet. Other topics include radio dispatching of Neighborhood Assistance officer communications.

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Money Talks

Discuss the APH accessible bank account management program, Money Talks

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The Blind WoodWorker

The Blind WoodWorker list is for the discussion of WoodWorking with blind and visually impaired woodworkers. We also want to solve problems with different woodworking tasks that a blind woodworker has to solve. This list will also help blind woodworkers operate different tools and machinery used in woodworkering. We will also discuss the high tech talking tools availible for blind and visually impaired woodworkers. This is a List where Blind, Visually Impaired, and Sighted WoodWorkers can come together and discuss WoodWorking. We can help each other enjoy safe and satisfying woodworking.

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El problematico futuro de Chile

El calentamiento global, el pic del petroleo, el agotamiento de recursos y el consiguiente fin del crecimiento economico sera duro para todos los países. La forma precisa del decrecimiento sera diferente para cada país. En Chile enfrentaremos problemas de energia, agricultura, transporte, salud y educacion de acuerdo a los recursos, cultura y tecnologias que tenemos, y a como los usemos.

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North American Consumer Protection Investigators

Discussion list for professional consumer protections investigators. NACPI is a national non-profit organization of investigators who share information regarding identity theft via internet and other means and other consumer fraud topics. This list will NOT be open to the public and all members must be approved by the moderator.

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HomeClinic [Discussions on repair and maintenance of anything around the home]

List topics generally include: Home improvement, however discussions on repairing and maintenance is the primary topic of this list. Any questions about electricity, plumbing, gardens, even automobiles, etc. are welcome, including new products & renovation. Once a month the list owner will send out a Quiz question dealing with the home. This will be more like a contest to see who knows his or her stuff! It should be a lot of fun for everyone on the list, plus you might pick up somehing you didn't know. :-)

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Preservation and exploration of the technology and practices of the driving of multiple equines, with emphasis on techniques of management and equipment, particularly in the adaptation of modern materals to historic purposes as well as computer-aided exmaination and solving of energy-harnessing and transport problems.

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Big City Open House DIY

The list will include: - Information on DIy and ome renovations - Information on longterm realestate flipping - Links to podcasts for real estate investment - Links to free resources - A "Tell us about your reno" option for subscribers

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Oracle DBA

Oracle Database administration

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PAC Technology Discussion

Discuss technologies that help sustainable living in Grafton

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Video Surveillance Software

Sentilog Systems - CAM Wizard home/office surveillance software

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PC Perspective News Release

PC Perspective News Release

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Bling Outreach

Used to contact clients about Bling mobile payment technology

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Low vision aids | Visually impaired aids – Pamtrad

Pamtrad specialise in low vision aids which help overcome low vision problems. We provide screenreaders and visually impaired aids for macular degeneration.

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analog organ tech discussions

Technical support of older analog organs.

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Initiative Windenergie Grüningen

Diese Liste vernetzt die Interessierten an der Initiative zur Nutzung von Windenergie in Grüningen oder der Stadt Pohlheim. This List should be used for coordinating the communication between the members of the wind-power-initiative for the village of Grüningen in Hesse, Germany. The wind-power facility should be paired with an intelligent, software-driven powermanagment and distribution system.

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United British Car Clubs

News and updates concerning events (Mainly in Sweden) and technical questions concerning Classic British Cars.

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Textiles & Garments

discuss computerised technology for textile design

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Bridge City Legal - Litigation Support

Announcements of Bridge City Legal's litigation technology training classes and events.

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Verteiler der Hausgemeinschaft KE 28

Mailing list to faciliate communication between members of a house of five living communities.

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HTH Market

Green Heating and Cooling.

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News from MacTutor & Service

This announcement-only list is for clients of MacTutor & Service is intended to provide occasional important information.

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Hands-on Solder Workshops

Hands-on wave and reflow solder workshops will be held quarterly in Montreal.The theory of solder, defects and corrective action demonstrated in the classroom will be practised with hands on wave and relfow soldering.

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Metro eAlerts

This is to inform users of the Washington Metro Transit System of latest technologies implemented by the Transit Industry.

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Open Mobile Video Coalition

The Open Mobile Video Coalition is an alliance of U.S. commercial and public broadcasters committed to the development of mobile digital television. The Coalition’s current members include leading broadcast station groups operating over 750 commercial television stations. The coalition also has the support of leading television trade associations, including the Association of Public Television Stations (APTS), a non-profit corporation representing over 350 public television stations, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the trade association of the commercial broadcasters, as well as Maximum Service Television (MSTV) which providing broadcast technology services for a broad variety of broadcast constituents. Membership in the coalition is open to U.S.-based television broadcasters and related constituents dedicated to advancing mobile digital broadcast television.

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PHS Biodiesel Project

For members of the PHS environmental club helping to make decisions about producing biodiesel.

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E.U.Z. 2005

Mailing list of Energy and Environmental Center's members in Springe (Germany) in August 2005. EUZ is a research center about renouvable energy, low-energy projecting and low-emissions technologies.

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N.S.A.O. Newsletter

This is a monthly newsletter covering different topics such as tips on how to setup and maintain networks, how to protect PC's from viruses, tips on PC maintenance, and other related topics.

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San Juan Biofuels Cooperative

Biodiesel and vegetable based fuels and technologies in San Juan County. For coop members and others interested in using biofuel technologies to reduce emissions and minimize environmental impact. This list will act as forum for members, and will be a resource for people to ask questions or discuss possibilities.

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Virginia Biofuels Forum

Quarterly Forum organized around the state as a focal point for discussion on the use of biofuels and biofuels technology in Virginia. The Virginia Biofuels Forum is sponsored by the Virginia Division of Energy and organized by Blue Ridge Clean Fuels Inc.

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306 fudies This list will be used for community gardeners that are interested in experimenting with community based agriculture, both in an urban and a rural setting. We will be using a mixture of land plots and rooftop gardens and planning what will grow best in different situations. We are also experimenting with companion planting and organic gardening.

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Jungunternehmer Kupferschmiede

Discussion mailing list of the german coppersmiths association. The members can discuss technical issues and ask others for possible solutions.

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to discuss ebooks and ebook readers for the blindWe will emphasise portable ebook reading machines only available to blind people, and suggest improvements which could improve reading machines for the blind.

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Hello Hamiltons

A list for the children, siblings, and friends of the wide-spread Thomas G. Hamilton III family to explore using cyber communication, particularly as a forum for the family to discuss the varieties of technology available to support good parenting whether it is infant monitoring equipment or the best in educational dvds.

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e-book accessibility

A list to discuss ebook accessibility. This includes accessible ebook files, hand held hardware as well as PC & Mac. A place to share any tips or new developments.

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Technology Advice, Reviews, and Help

A biweekly to monthly newsletter that gives the reader Advice, Reviews, and help on everything cool in the tech world.

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Information Technology

Technology around the home, embedded devices, fix-it support, etc.

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Sun Microsystems Technologies for DoD

Learn about the great technologies that Sun Microsystems offers to help the DoD community. Sun's technologies focus on Enterprise and Web Scale Computing from the desktop to the data center. Sun offers the most secure, highest availability, lowest TCO and most open solutions supporting the DoD community.

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InfraGard of Central Indiana - Members Only

InfraGard is a Partnership between Private Industry and the U.S. government (represented by the FBI). The InfraGard initiative was developed to encourage the exchange of information by the government and the private sector members.

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Green Tech

Once a week you will recieve an email on new tech and ways you can help go green and the best part save money. this will help to keep you updated on how you can make a difference, using what you have at home and if you want a few things that you could buy to help save on your eletric bill such as solar and wind energy, new light bulbs and ways to improve gas mileage

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Ray's Sewing Machine Center Subscribers

Subscribe to Ray's for updates on sewing machines, Embroidary machines and software, Ray's new special machines, class schedules, newsletters, and much more.

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Mailing list about digital life in a Digital World

Mailing List on technology applied to everyday life. Information on a digital world, for people to be informed about the latest technological advances.

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Mechano-physics Research

This is a list for product development and advertising. Mechano-Physics researches, builds and produces renewable energy products that can also be used for exercise, health and fitness.

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Write Technology

An announcement forum for the latest news in technical writing and editing, as well as computer-based training and e-learning. Discussions on Java GUIs and their development will also be permitted.

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Soap Making

A discussion group for those who are involved in the craft of Soap making. Exchanging recipes and techniques in making soap and other cosmetics from natural ingredients.

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101 Plugtek Broadband Powerline Communication eLibrary

BPL :: Broadband Powerline Networking 101. Discussions on developing news, products and investment advancements. BPL has become the 3rd and final solution of global networking opening to every nation, with an electrical grid, the ability to enter into telecommunications, Voip, Internet and networking capabilities. Likewise, BPL is the Last Mile answer to making Internet and networking available to everyone. The combination of BPL with Wireless is becoming the international solution to global networking.

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This site will discuss trials and questions regarding conservation of fruits and vegetables, without chemical additives and in post-industrial conditions, according to principles of the "sustainable de-growth" movement.

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This list will discuss all aspects of Pontiac and car-related technology, including the high-tech new vehicles from Pontiac-GMC division, like the Pontiac Solstice, and the technological aspects of old and new Pontiac/GMC vehicles. Some off-topic messages permitted.

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Team Spider EWB Discussion ML

Mailing list for the team Spider of the EWB challenge

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